Our Mission

Transforming lives with the love of Jesus, through knowledge, clean water, and opportunities for children with disabilities


We are a ministry in Belize dedicated to helping special-needs children and supporting our community.

Our Nonprofit, NGO organization is called Se Konsa which means, “That’s Right!”. The organization’s outreaches include villages in Cayo, Belize, Central America. These villages don’t have clean water to drink so we are providing them with donated water filters. At the hospital we pray for the sick, and give care packages to new moms who sometimes have nothing to even wrap their baby in to take them home. We teach labor and delivery techniques to expectant moms and dads at the clinic in San Ignacio and in the Mennonite community in Spanish Lookout. Many women have asked us to help be doulas for their births, so we provide support before, during and after their deliveries.

We help at schools with maintenance and building projects, also teaching the students how to use tools and fix things around the school. We teach the students gardening with hands-on gardens; and how to raise animals for food, with live animal pens. As our hearts have always been touched by special needs children (having three jewels of our own!) we are currently continuing to add to our our dream for them- a special needs children’s camp, Camp Se Konsa! This is the first camp for special needs children and their families in Belize. It is most common for families with special needs children to stay at home because there is no place to take them or a way to get them there. We are honored to pick them up so that they can enjoy what was made special for them!

Meet Our Kids


I live in Belize with two of my siblings and parents. Belize is a small, slow-paced country where everyone knows one-another. Our house is on the top of a hill a few miles from the main road. There is not much to do when you live a couple miles away from another person, so I have gotten into the hobby of collecting cards, making art and playing games with friends or just by myself. Unfortunately, there is no way of collecting new cards here as they are not shipped into Belize. My favorite part of Belize is that everyone knows everyone, so crime rate is lower. Even though I enjoy living in Belize, I wish to go to America to college and learn computer forensics and arts and design.


Belize is a small country with not a whole lot going on. It’s very calm and easy to keep pace with. The heat is sometimes unbearable, but it’s best to go swimming or stay indoors. I find the plants and animals here very interesting and I enjoy watching them. I go to a private school where I’m hoping to graduate soon. To pass the time, I make art or read books. I favorite drawings of animals and anime styled people. I have a DeviantArt under the name of Enderutsu with my art, I hope to illustrate comics or make art for people. My favorite food is the national dish called, Rice and Beans. If I could, I’d eat that meal every day. However, I do wish to have some American food every once in a while. When we first moved to Belize, there was only jungle and dirt roads. No sidewalks, no big open roads, and no streetlights. But now Belize has grown a lot in the past few years and it is still developing.


I enjoy going swimming because Belize is steaming hot each day and I sweat a lot. I liked having events at the camp with the people there. My favorite food is food that doesn’t smell weird. I love going to America and eating food we don’t have in Belize. We are getting more types of food in store like boxed pizza and Twix. The camp has been under construction for 6 years and my siblings and I clean the camp before and after each event. We use a Wi-Fi hotspot on a phone because we live in a remote area. Where we live is two hours away from the beach but I love going there. When we first moved to Belize in 2016 the roads were all dirt road, but now they are single asphalt roads with yellow linings in the middle.

Board of Directors

Robert & Joanna Boyer

Robert and Joanna Boyer are fellow believers and old friends involved in many aspects of Christian ministry and business.

Homeschooling their 3 sons through high school and on to full-ride college scholarships, founders of Transformations, a 12-Step Inner Healing program, business owners of a web development company, and world traveler helpers in missions, they live to serve Jesus and His people.

Richard & Teresa Fillmon

Richard and Teresa Fillmon have run a successful, non for profit business “His Kids Too!” serving orphans around the world since 1985.

In 2015 they started serving the military in Ukraine when the war left many homeless people and no food for even the military to survive on. In 2015, they started serving the local veterans, physically challenged, troubled teens, and the homeless in the Tallahassee, FL community.

Gary and Jerri Dennis

Gary and Jerri Dennis heeded God’s call and moved to Belize in 2012 as missionaries, from a background of real estate and pharmacy. They have been actively involved in many aspects of sharing God’s love here in Belize through help with medical missions, school building repair projects, community service projects, and ministry in their local church including youth programs, outreach, and a feeding program for the school children in their village. They have a passion for serving.

Our Partners