Overnight summer camp designed for special needs children in Belize

Camp Se Konsa! is designed to be an overnight adventure Summer Camp with cook-out campfires and cabins to bed down. Special needs children and their families are all welcome. A wide variety of fun opportunities geared toward the special needs child are offered, ensuring the inclusion of all. These activities range from playground fun to recreational games to worship and Bible stories.

The Property

Camp Se Konsa! sits on a luscious 5 acres, with rolling hills, large trees and beautiful trails to take a peaceful stroll. Nestled within this tropical setting is a fully handicapped-accessible playground with special needs equipment, including a wheelchair swing, a web or nesting swing, a 7’ high castle all accessible by ramps, swings with harnesses, regular swings, slides, a climbing wall, a balance beam, a sandbox and a wheelchair merry go round. Along the playground trails are various toys to engage the visually impaired, including a tactile tic-tac-toe, and all directional signs are in braille.

Coming soon the playground for wilder sport are a football field (soccer), a basketball court, a zip-line, and a splash park.

The Facilities

There are family dorms, and staff/counselor’s dorms. There is a nursing office and office to ensure the safety of all participants at Camp Se Konsa! Family dorms. bathrooms, and showers have wheelchair accessible areas.

There is also a garden on the grounds to provide fresh produce to the families that stay overnight.

We provide transportation to our families and teams that are coming, in a clean shuttle with a wheel-chair lift.

Welcome to the first overnight summer camp location designed for special needs kids in Belize, Camp Se Konsa! (That’s Right!)