What We Do

Praying for the sick, Educating and Lifting up those in need.

Our hospital ministry touches the lives of families in crises, those saying good bye and those celebrating new life. We minister not only to the patients and families, but to the nurses, doctors, and staff, through gifts, lunch, and prayer.

Dana teaches on labor and delivery with classes held at the hospital and in the villages, so that new moms are prepared for the arrival of their babies. A gift of celebration is given to each new mom to provide much needed supplies for their hospital stay and after. This gift contains things like baby outfits, blankets, baby shampoo, baby oil, diapers, wipes, bottled water, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products and a Bible.

Delivery and Aid

Birthing training and midwifing

Dana is a doula and helps many moms with the delivery of their babies when there is no one else available to them or they just would like additional help. She provides birthing training in San Ignacio and in the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout. She has helped both at home deliveries and at the hospital.

A new part of this ministry is providing underage pregnant girls with supplies before they go into labor, thus enabling them to have something to take to the hospital.

Once a mom goes home with the baby, care and friendship continues, with calls, advice or needed supplies. She offers advice on breastfeeding and makes sure the baby is thriving. It is not unusual to see a baby given water instead of milk


Hospital visitations and entertainment

The emergency room is often filled with many patients from infants to adults. We sit and visit with them, sharing God’s love, praying for them, and providing the compassion and mercy so needed in a time of sickness and crisis. Gifts are given to them such as bibles, word search books, colors, puzzles, and cards. All patients are in one room (like a gym room), so things to keep them entertained while they are in the hospital are greatly appreciated.