What We Do

Helping Missouri learn inclusivity

In the United States alone, 48.9 million people have at least one form of disability. From physical impairments to mental ones, these challenges pose limitations on their lives and their accessibility to the world.

Of the millions who fall into the category of disabled, 1 million live with severe disabilities. 2 million have a functional limitation, and 5 million are youth.

In 2013 the population of people with disabilities in Missouri was 14.1 percent. In other words, in 2013, 838,300 of the 5,950,60 individuals of all ages in MO reported one or more disabilities.

Our approach

Inclusion-Adaptation-Accommodations-Modifications training

How can we better serve this population of people?


All people, regardless of their abilities, disabilities, or health care needs, have the right to be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities, participate in recreational activities in neighborhood settings, work at jobs in the community that pay a competitive wage and have careers that use their capacities to the fullest, attend general education classes with peers from preschool through college and continuing education, and play at parks and other recreational facilities.


Is a change or alteration, usually to make something work better for anyone.


The process of changing to suit different conditions and needs.


To changes the way information is presented, assigned.

Our training and information will help you succeed in making your community, business or school more inclusive. People with special needs should feel included-not seconds. Whether it is the color of the business, the contents of the items, the construction of the playground, walk ways in a community or teaching at a school, it takes only a few adaptations, accommodations, and modifications to make a successful place for everyone.

For information or training and other opportunities to bring inclusion to your location please contact us.