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Christmas this year was really good because Dad brought back gifts from the state, that people gave to him for us, even some cards from some kids we know. When the team came to put in the fence, I had a blast! We got to swim with them, and had smoothies! I hung out with Nathan because he was really fun. We went ziplining and cave tubing with them.

I can’t wait to get the camp and our house done. I want the house done so we can have more room and I can have my own bedroom. Right now I share it with almost everyone! The nights here are very bright because of the moon and sun reflecting off of it. Ezekiel made his shirt. Zelda Mask Three things I like about Belize; roomy, private park of our own (camp) the beach being close.



My favorite thing in Belize to do is watch the animals, especially the birds. I really liked getting my Wings of Fire books for Christmas this year! I enjoy drawing dragons, and people say that I’m good at it. I like traveling around Belize because of the scenery. I really enjoyed spending time with Sarah who was with the team that did the fence.

I like the running water and the warmth of it when I showered at Rumors Resort, because we don’t have this at home. We went to this really fancy resort call Ka’anas and I really like the food there. Three things I like about Belize; the animals, the food, and the fresh air. Alycia made the shirt.



I like reading my new book I got for Christmas. I liked when the team came and we went tubing an zip-lining! The smoothie that they bought me at the hotel was cold but delicious at the same time! The camp is huge and we are going to have a playground. I’m excited about having all the kids. The food at Ka’ana Resort was delicious. I told the chief the desert was the most wonderful, delicious and delightful thing I’ve ever tasted.

My favorite food mom makes is meatloaf. There are these birds called chochalacas that constantly wake me up in the morning. We got a new baby goat and it is so cute and we have ten sheep. Three things I like about Belize; because it only takes 2 hrs to get to the beach. I also like it because the moon is so bright it is almost like the sun. I get to have lots of dogs.