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Common Building, Kitchen, and Church Project

We will be adding a common building to house a kitchen, play area, and a church where all can join in life together!



Let's come together - building a kitchen, play area, and church.

A common building will house a kitchen, a play area and a church where children, parents, staff and volunteers will all come together to eat, play, and worship! This building is 1,200 sq ft of common living space. With an enclosed kitchen and a large area for seating, both the staff and the campers will enjoy this indoor common living area.

This building will have a roof and a 4’ wall around it allowing breeze to flow through, but when a hard rain comes there will be shutters built in to pull down to keep the rain out. This will be one of the most important areas in the camp, where all can join in life together. The area will also be used for camp activities during rainy times when the playground will be too wet.