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Let there be Light! Utilities and Infrastructure

Since our camp will be "off-grid", we will be producing our own electricity using natural sources of energy.



Let there be light! We are building a sustainable power infrastructure for our camp.

A very exciting part of the camp is that it will all be “off grid” and producing its own electricity. We will use natural sources of energy. Solar and wind are available in Belize. In collaboration with SESB, a Solar Energy company in Belize, we will set up a system to accommodate the needs of the camp. There will be electricity in the dorms, kitchen, art room, and along the sidewalks.

The Solar unit will have 2 converters and 18 batteries with 18 solar panels to generate this light throughout the camp. Fans can be run in the evening because of this solar energy system, and families will stay cool in the dorm rooms as they sleep.