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Volunteer for a Short Term Missions Trip

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Join us on a short-term missions trip and make a direct impact!

Helping hands and servant hearts are in high demand in Belize. Short-term missions provide you with a changed heart, an unforgettable experience, and a great opportunity to serve others. Teams like this are an integral part in making this project happen because without the labor, there would be no fruit. Costs to stay at Camp Se Konsa! is $650 per person for a team of at least 10 people in 2021. This includes transportation, food, and lodging for 7 days. Does not include: Airfare, Tourism, and project costs.

We understand that it is vitally important to involve indigenous people of Belize in our ministry. Therefore; we provide avenues for indigenous people to volunteer, and work at Camp Se Konsa!, educators, nurses, therapist, and caregivers will have opportunities to effectively help the special needs children and their families while they are at the camp.

Reserve your date by contacting us. Join a team or bring one.

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Information on Belize

Belize Country: Belize is a democratic, English and Spanish speaking nation, once known as British Honduras. With 8,867 square miles (22,960 km²) of territory and 400,000 people (2021 projection), the population density is the lowest in Central American. The weather is mild, the beaches are spectacular, the history is rich, and yes, it is a land of swaying palm trees and colorful sunsets. In Belize, our traditions and customs are varied and represent more than eight diverse cultures. Belize people and culture make you feel as welcome and comfortable, like nowhere you’ve ever visited.

Money: Belize currency exchange is extremely easy for visitors. The Belize dollar is locked at $2 Belize = $1 USD

Weather: Average Temperatures are around 86F Humidity is also fairly consistent at around 85 percent. Belize’s dry season is between February and May and has significantly lower rainfall than the rest of the year. When it does rain, it is usually in mild, short bursts. June through December is our wet season with off and on showers and sometime heavy rains and high winds.

Government: The country gained its independence from the Great Britain on 21 September 1981. Capital: City of Belmopan. Parliamentary democracy with two major political parties, the People’s United Party (PUP), and the United Democratic Party (UDP).

Entry Requirements: Current passports also
other requirements for entry.

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